Our philosophy

New communication technology enables new and more effective forms of interaction within and across organizations. The best leaders use the interaction between technology and people to ensure continuity, flexibility and innovation. Better technology gives us more information and more opportunities. And a common leadership challenge is to prioritize among a myriad of important issues and an endless array of opportunities while developing your employees.


iProsess specializes in change management and management communication. Our expertise is to understand how the change has consequences for organization, management and communication. Our advisors help managers to make conscious choices and to focus on the performance behind the results. We design communication processes that develop attitudes and build effective business cultures that implement the strategy.


Contact us at post@iprosess.no and we can talk more about how we can help you become the best version of yourself as a leader, especially when the situation is complex and the task is demanding.


Tor Berntsen CEO/Partner iProsess

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